List of the projects:
1. College Humor - "Troopers: ScareDuke" (Gloo Studios)
2. College Humor - "Looks at this Instagram - Nickelback parody" (Gloo Studios)
3. "The Girls Guide" (Web series)
4. College Humor - "Troopers: Holopad" (Gloo Studios)
5. "Kiah Grant Promo Ad" (for Krown Countdown U/3 Minute Warning)
6. "St. James Community Square Promo Title" (Full title: | Breakdown:
7. "Taco Twosday" Tail Sequence (School Project) (Full title:
8. "Sanctuary Recording Studio promo" Title (School Project)
9. "Krown Countdown U" Promo (3 Minute Warning)
10. "The DUB" pilot title - jumbotron scene (3 Minute Warning)
11. Camera Mappings for "Krown Countdown U" (3 Minute Warning)
12. Burnaby Mountain Secondary dance showcase title
13. "The DUB" pilot title - arena scene (3 Minute Warning)
14. "The Girls Guide" - Title Sequence (Full Title:
15. "Camera Classic" Opening (personal project) (Full Video:
16. "The Haze" - Opening (School Project) (Full Title:
17. "Vérité" - Production Company ID (School Project)
18. "Tom Melenchuk Recruitment video" Title (School Project) (Full Video:

Music Credit:
"Everybody Me" - Broadcast 2000


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