Bloom's Challenges 2:

This is a character study for a fictional character in a future film (Which currently lacks a title). My friend and I have spent countless months talking about this idea for a feature film. We have gone back and forth throwing ideas at each other for months. What's most important are the characters, this video is nothing more than a sorry excuse to finally film something for our feature film idea. We've been wanting to shoot a test video fleshing out the character Jack for quite some time, but because of our busy lives and diminishing lack of interest (Moved on to other projects), we never got a chance to film anything for our film. This was a last minute idea, after I found out about Philip Blooms character study weekend challenge. I was planning on interviewing my friend, and during the process we both recalled our film idea. It took some discussion, but we decided to take this chance and use it as an excuse to flesh out and create the main character Jack for our film. In this video we placed Jack into odd situations, and practiced his movements, the way he walks, reacts to his situations, and communicates with people. It was also a chance to test out the visual style of the film.

Shot on the Sony HVR-Z5U

Music by Jon Brion and Thomas Newman


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