Chicago Filmmakers

This is an old video shot on an old camera, which is why it looks crappy. But the story? Solid. And that's all that matters.

Matt and I filmed this one summer night in 2008, in Chicago's beautiful Uptown neighborhood.

If memory serves me right, we didn't have a plan - we were just walking around shooting Matt being dumb on a Bluetooth. I happened to be drinking this huge horchata which I couldn't finish, so I suggested to Matt, "Hey, maybe you can just start puking this stuff up?" And thus, this classic piece of art was born.

We shot a epilogue to this short that same night, in the lobby of Matt's apartment complex. It was a wordless piece that saw him rolling on the floor from the front door of the lobby all the way back down this long corridor to where the elevators were located. I don't know what happened to that footage, but I'm not sure it matters.

I in no way own any copyright to Cyndi Lauper's perfect song "Time After Time", but this video wouldn't be the same without it.


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