RTCW Chile

This is a rough cut from some demos, and my 1st go at making a movie.
Lots of other stuff I wish I'd included before my hard drive packed up.
It may be low quality, it may only have 1/5th of the stuff I wanted to put
in, but it's enough to make me remember how fun RTCW was.

Shout out to all the incarnations of DH and it's players (fewer than most
clans but still too many to mention, you know who u r). Also to those who
I played with and against along the way.
Oh and yeah, we won Quakecon after they re-instated us.

Special mentions to the Yank DH / Minions guys we met in America
and blacklotus for being sexy, and plotz for being shit

Cheers for watching ;0)

Created by Madbone

Music : The Jackson Five - "I Want You Back"

j vimeo.com/53750315

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