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There are 1 billion people all over the world sharing their lives on Facebook, and that's only one of many services enabling and dictating how we connect, how we learn, and how we act. All in public.

At its core, social media is about people. As we change, it changes with us. However, the very nature of social technologies is affecting us.

Everything we know is being re-imagined.

Will we become more or less “human” as we embark on a one-way trip to socially aware devices, websites and companies?

Will the “Internet of Everything” become the “Internet of Us?” And what will we look like, talk like, and feel like when it does?

All of us have a role in the development of the “Social State.”

In 2013, choose your role wisely.

SOCIAL STATE (the book)

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VOOK (All formats and all countries)


Official Book Trailer for "Social State" by Esteban Contreras

Video Shot and Directed by Diego Contreras +
Footage shot handheld in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia using a Canon 7D.

Narrated by Somerlea Contreras

Music: Rise (Snowfall Remix) by Tony Anderson

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