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See the impact of INF’s work on the faces of its many clients.

Director, producer, editor, filming, text, audio mix, grading: Matt Watson
Director of photography: Colin Cabalka
Voice-over recording: Promise Media Pvt Ltd
Music: This Is Not the End [Gungor]
Narrator: Ali Wilkinson
Special thanks: Colin Cabalka, EMI CMG, Gungor, Steve Jones CEO Brash Music, John Arndt at John Arndt’s publisher.

© 2012 INF. All rights reserved. No part of this film may be reproduced, in any form 
or by any means, without prior permission of INF Communications Department.

All music used in this film was provided gratis to INF Communications Department, 
and is owned by the original artist/label and cannot be reproduced or reused. 
All rights reserved.


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