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3 days that changed the world.
Day 1: Good Friday
Day 2: Resurrection Sunday
Day 3: Pentecost Sunday

The Gospel is an event: Jesus crucified and raised and we're following the guy who predicted his death and then pulled it off. No one took Jesus' life; he gave it. He took upon himself all of our sin. Before he died, this was his shout of triumph, "It is finished! Payed in full." Every sin is payed for. Done. Done. And done. This is Sunday. And Sunday ends with the disciples stunned, overwhelmed, and overjoyed because Jesus is alive. They've seen him. They've touched him. Something happened. God did something. He raised Jesus from the dead. Christ is risen. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, the Jesus movement is launched and the disciples take this stunning news around the world: Christ is risen. Without the resurrection of Jesus, there is no Christian faith. There's no Jesus movement, no church, no Christians, nothing. God is always bigger than what you know of him. Doesn't matter where you are on your journey, there's more. There's more to God than what you've experienced. God wants to fill you with his Holy Spirit. That you become Jesus to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and classmates. Live your life full on for Jesus and know that whatever you do for Jesus, it counts. So live boldly. That is the resurrection hope.


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