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A poem by Revd Dr Rowan Williams for

Giving background into how he approached the brief of blood and organ donation, Dr Williams explains: “I began with two basic pictures: something being implanted and something breaking through what feels like stasis or deadlock. So the natural point of convergence was the idea of a seed dropped, anonymously, disturbing the heaviness of the soil – the heaviness of what you have come to expect, what you have unhappily got used to. A future that begins in the dark, with surgeons as gardeners; and the hardness, the discomfort of welcoming a new life that bristles and stirs painfully inside. But essentially it’s a poem about hope, and about the sort of providential accident of one life being planted in another and making new things possible.”

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Film / Photography
Jonathan Cherry
Laura Amy Liderth
Aaron Kelly
Mother of the unicorn


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