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A vision is a picture of a preferred future. Let's dream of how we can help people find Jesus and follow Jesus.

I want to tell you what I see for you; what I think God sees for you. I see you loving God with all you've got. I see you getting stronger and closer to God each day. I see you being spiritually hungry and yet at the same time learning to feed yourself on God's word and in prayer. I see you becoming more loving, more joyful, more peaceful, more patient, more kind, more good, more faithful, more gentle, more self-controlled. Empowered to do God's work right where you live–in your family, in your neighborhood, on your job, and at your school. You're so full of the spirit that where ever you go Jesus is there and because Jesus is there, Jesus things happen where you are. Jesus changes everything and He starts with us. I see us as a church becoming ever more intentional about helping people find Jesus and follow Jesus. And so I see us being part of this larger movement in the world. I see us caring for the most vulnerable in our community. If you just simply open your eyes and your heart, I promise you, you will see opportunities all around you to do good in Jesus' name. Use what you have to do what you can right where you are. Let's do something! Everyone of us could do something that would help the most vulnerable in our community. Open your eyes. Look at the needs. Just take one small step. Do it and make a difference.


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