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What are some practical tangible ways to love the people around us? How can we unleash a “love offensive”, a tidal wave of love in our community?

In this series, we're not just talking about love–it's not "love says." It's not the series, "Love thinks nice things." No! It's the series "Love does." It's doing–Love is more about doing than it is about feeling; it's more about action than it is about emotion. Love is doing what is best for the other person no matter what it costs you. Love is a verb. Love is active. Let's get out and love people. Love God, love people, love your enemy. Love one another. Doesn't matter who it is–show them the love of Jesus. It's all about love. You'll never meet someone in whom Jesus did not die. And then all of us–Jesus said "we're to love our enemies." Jesus' definition of neighbor goes far beyond the next door. It goes far beyond the person that agrees with you–that talks like you. It goes far beyond the people that are easy to like. He's saying, "I want you to do something–for your enemy–do something good for them." "If we don't love each other," Jesus said, "the world wouldn't believe in Him." When we love each other, it is the visible authentication of the message of God's love–that your love validates everything that Jesus said and did; it shows that it's true. Jesus did the ultimate love. The cross is God's way of doing everything he could for us. He was doing what's best for us no matter what it cost him–and what did it cost him? Everything. It cost him his life. That's the highest price anybody could pay. Since God loved us with action that's how we ought to love each other. Love is something we do.


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