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Hello Friends and Family! We’re so glad to have you with us today as we discover more about God’s love and care for us. We’ve been praying that each one of us would have a personal encounter with God that would touch us at the deepest part of who we are.

We’re in a series called “Lift.” Each week we’re looking at a particular Psalm from the Old Testament as we ask God to help us look up for perspective. I don’t know about you, but I can often times get all wadded up with anxiety when I face difficulties that seem out of my ability to control. That happens especially when I’ve been believing that I am the solution to my problems. What I’ve discovered is that the real solution is to take my eyes off my problems and my lack of strength or resources to solve them and lift my eyes to the One who can.

Whenever you read the Psalms, you often times read words of anguish, despair, depression and confusion. Then there seems to be a switch – almost as if someone else had taken up the pen – and you read words of hope, faith, trust, joy and peace. The key is that the author has lifted his eyes to Heaven and remembered that God is always for us. I know this series will speak to you at a deep level.

While you’re here today, I invite you to stop by our Next Step Bookstore to look at the books I picked to help us in our journey with God. You can also pick up some Lanna Coffee. The proceeds of each purchase go to help the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand who grow the coffee for their livelihood and benefit our Student Ministries Scholarship Fund.

Looking up for perspective,

Pastor Ron


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