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Hello Friends and Family! We are so thrilled to have you with us today. Each week we do our best to present the Bible in a way that is engaging, informative and transforming.

We’re in in a series called “Prayer Changes Things.” I’ve listened to quite a few people talk about their prayer experiences, and they often times reveal the frustration of their prayer life. On one hand, they agree that prayer is essential for someone who desires to follow Jesus Christ. On the other hand, they admit that they just don’t approach prayer with a sense of urgency as if their prayers really matter.

How about you? Do you believe God answers prayer with the kind of conviction that causes you to pray with intensity and faith? Do you believe prayer changes things or do you think it’s just another religious ritual we observe because it’s expected?

It’s our desire in this series that you see prayer as the lifeline that the Bible says it is. Our theme for this series is this: Your belief that prayer changes things will directly impact your behavior concerning prayer. Today we will focus on how prayer changes hearts.

I invite you to stop by our Next Step Bookstore to look at the books I picked for this series on prayer. You can also pick up some Lanna Coffee. The proceeds of each purchase go to help the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand who grow the coffee for their livelihood and benefit our Student Ministries Scholarship Fund.

Praying that prayer takes on new meaning for us.

Pastor Ron


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