Short screen capture of an interactive, large-screen installation shown at Nike Stadium Paris throughout February/March 2013.

Approached with the brief to artistically re-interpret Nike+ running data of 10 selected runners in a Flyknit inspired aesthetic, I decided to use realtime rendering techniques (ray marching) to create a macro view of intertwining fibres in an abstract, fluid environment, moving along the trails of the collected GPS data. At the same time the runner's changing heart rate is estimated and sonified from the momentary track stats and relevant biological information. Users can switch tracks, change colour schemes and manipulate camera angles & zoom at any time. A scaleless map of the entire track with the current position highlighted is displayed as 3D overlay.

Camera depth-of-field, soft shadows and HDR lighting were needed to create the macro aesthetic. This was realised using an OpenCL & GLSL voxel-tree raymarching framework I've been working on initially for research purposes since last summer and which is currently being developed further as part of

Technical notes:
For the installation in Paris, the software was deployed on a MacPro w/ Radeon 5790 gfx card, which delivers an average ~28fps at HD720 and at double voxel resolutions than shown here. However, this video has been recorded on a MBP w/ a lower spec GeForce GT330M and the lack of VRAM results in lower voxel resolutions. Apart from the 3D map overlay, the render setup does not use a single mesh. Instead all volumes are submitted as specially encoded 3D textures... Installation software & UI developed with Cinder (

Many thanks to:

Sophie Ludmann, Nina Malige (
Abdel Bounane (

Track used for video:
Syntagma (Negative Neutron rmx) by Abdomen Burst


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