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This is a short puppet video to promote 'Hurvinek 3D’ presented by the lovely wooden marionettes themselves: ‘Spejbl & Hurvinek’. This video was the first test with the original wooden marionettes using classic 2D recording. We wanted to see how they would look when we put them into a 3D CGI environment. It was successfully recorded on a RED ONE camera in 4K resolution. After the presentation, we realized that we had to change the character to CGI too. As a result, the whole project will be created using 3D CGI technology. This short feature will present the original wooden marionettes before the main CGI movie.



The project ‘Hurvinek 3D’ began as a full-length animated movie in 2009. The production company ‘Rolling Pictures’, in a deal with ‘Theater Spejbl & Hurvinek’, bought the rights to the movie ‘Hurvinek: The Movie’ and all merchandising associated with the production of the movie. Rolling Pictures cooperated with the owner of the characters as well as Helena Stachova (the lovely voice of ‘Manicka’), Martin Klasek (as the voice of Spejbl and Hurvinek), talented script advisor Miki Kyrsner and other members of the Spejbl and Hurvinek Theatre. The main script was written by amazing scriptwriter Jesper Moller [Denmark] together with German animation studio and ‘Rolling Pictures’ script writing group. Producer ‘Martin Kotik’ says: “This is the largest animated movie ever created in the Czech Republic”. The production has two major partners: National Czech TV and one of the biggest animation studios in Germany, Motion Works. The movie is a 3D digital animation in 3D stereoscopic projection, offering the audience the ultimate viewing experience. Production will start early next year in 2012 and the estimated premiere is set for 2014. The project extends into the gaming industry (the game will be released with the premiere of the movie) as well as merchandising (merchandising rights are still available via ‘Rolling Pictures’).

Production: &

Producer: Martin Kotík
Visual Director: David Havel
2D & 3D artist: Zdeněk Havel


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