Cinebarre Short Films

In an attempt to break taboos, this short documentary sheds light over the cliché that the street population lives nonchalantly.

Filmed at the neighborhood of Glicério, São Paulo, (the most concentrated street population per capita of Brazil) the short movie shows how they are trying to get off the streets and analyzes the ways society views it.

The name "Glicerio Without Number" comes from a constant complaint from the street population that employers have prejudice towards someone that doesn't have a permanent address.

Antonín Dvorak - "String Quartet No:12 in F Major Op. 96 American; Lento"
Stendec - "Office to Studio" from Album "The Noise and the City"
Shostakovich - "Chamber Symphony Op.110a" perfomed by "University of Utah Philharmonia"
"Caricatures - The Schoenberg Sex Machine"

::Screened in Gasteig Open Video (Munich, Germany)
::Screened at Moment Factory (Montreal, Canada)
::Screened at Festival do Filme Livre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
::Screened in Fabbrica Europa Festival 2009 (Firenze, Italy)


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