Cinebarre Short Films

A spinning top is spun and several everyday actions become interconnected, through the power of editing. Then it all starts to go wrong...

4m 30s

Cast: Matthew Pike, Diana Hill, Robin Whenary

Filmmaking for the joy of it - just simple images and sounds, without plot, characters or themes.
Made for a Film and Video A-Level at Exeter College (100% marks).

Premiered at the CAN2007 Leicester International Short Film Festival.
Screened at over 70 festivals since then.
- Best Sound, CAN2007 Leicester International Short Film Festival, UK.
- Grand Prix, 40th KRAF International Short Film Festival, Croatia, 2009 (with 4 of my other films: 'Fear', 'Seeing' and 'The Boy, the Bike, and the Apple').


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