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A great review by 93 Studios:


I like this one for what it never says.

If that isn’t too cryptic then I’m glad you joined me for this review. Gone is a story of a woman who discovers that the same friends who came out to mourn her sister’s suicide might, in fact, be responsible for it. It’s a story about a diary that tells her the dark secrets that her sister hid away until it was too much to bare. More generally, it’s a story about pain that never gives a single hint as to its source.

That’s the thing about this film, you know that most of the cast are really bad people but you don’t know why. No one really does anything particularly upsetting either, but the implication is that each of them had a hand in the sister’s suicide. It’s dark, confusing and leaves you with more questions than answers. It manages to do all of this while remaining coherent, who can really ask for more?

Creator’s Description
A woman explores her sister’s suicide through the entries in her diary and discovers that her friends might not be who she thought they were.


Style 3.5

It’s good but It’s a little uneven, it’s starts out really slowly, ramps up near the middle and then slows right back down again in the third act. (Pacing 3.5)

It leaves unanswered questions without becoming muddled in its own sense of mystery. Overall it’s a well executed drama. (Storytelling 4)

Polish 4

If you really, really need closure this might not be for you, otherwise it is a great watch coming in at just under 10 minutes. (Watchability 4)

Novelty 3.5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Gone - Short Film


Rachel Button
Yeukayi Ushe
Emma Barnard
Laura Lloyd
Solomon Israel
Ana Valerio
Amy Gallagher
Abena Bentum
Stephen Adeluku
Leylan Saad
Kate Shaw

Sound and grips by
Shahram Shayesteh

Music by
David Portugheis (

Edited by
Sam Hendi
Shahram Shayesteh

Produced by
Abena Bentum

Written, Filmed and Directed by
Sam Hendi

Filmed with a Sony HVR-V1E and a Letus35 Extreme using a 28mm and 50mm Nikon Lens.

Also using a pan and tilt head with heavy duty tripod and a Glideshot dolly track.

Edited using Sony Vegas and After Effects CS3.


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