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I was lucky to be invited to participate in the project Chefs of Slovenia. This is one of the biggest projects i've done so far, with many people and coordination involved.
It's about young perspective chefs from Slovenia, who will participate in International Young Chefs Challenge in South Korea this november (world championships). And i was invited to do promotional video for them.
We filmed on 2 different locations within 2 filming days and i must say i am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

The young guns including their bosses are so positive and relaxed, that the filming itself was so much fun, we even didn't know we finished it already.
For the end i must say that i am proud to be involved in this project and i wish young chefs good luck on their way to the throne :) No doubt they can make it with all this energy and good relationship they have in the team.

VIdeo itself is not classic cooking video we see on tv, because it doesn't show joyful moments eating very tasteful food. It is meant to show competiotion inside the kitchen, team spirit and fun these guys put into cooking. It is kind of a "sport" oriented and dramatic, especially with time limit they got to prepare the food (as it's in World Championships).

I hope you like it and every constructive critics is very welcome. Some likes and shares are highly appreciated :)

Original content here:

Gear used: Canon 6D, Canon 24+105 mm, Tokina 11-16 mm, Sony FS 700 and bunch of other.

Music: Woodkid - conquest of space


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