The Anglo-Saxon capital of the kingdom of the East Anglia has, over the last 800 years, almost entirely disappeared into the sea. Forming the current edge of this unmade town, Dunwich beach houses upturned hulls and ramshackle fishing huts containing industrial machinery for winching fishing boats. These permanent artefacts suggest a local, small scale fishing industry, an industry for the making of food. In contrast, an individual shore angler carries their portable tools of a personal industry, finding a place on the pebbled beach, looking out to the sea in which the lost town lies buried.

Eleanor Suess is an architect, experimental film-maker, and educator, with qualifications in Fine Arts and Architecture from Australia and the UK. She is currently the Associate Head of the School of Architecture & Landscape at Kingston University, London. Eleanor’s work lies in the intersection between architecture and art practice. Interdisciplinary installation, expanded cinema, and experimental film work has been exhibited in the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong. Her published research focuses on structural/materialist film as spatiotemporal architectural drawing, and includes the production of experimental digital film as a form of architectural drawing.


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