More shows by friends of mine performing at Salasa Extravaganza event produced by yet another friend Alexis Meza ( Editor and publisher of VIVA Magazine. Getting more senses out of SONY NEX VG20E. Lens SIGMA UC 28-70 mm F2.8-3.5 Finally managed to descramble their photo.ARW using GIMP+dcraw plugin. The Cinelerra uses dcraw as well so after "descrambling" video.MTS with ffmpeg to MJPEG which gives SONY native YUV420 back ( still not sure how badly stuffed up it is) but at lest can make some respectable films. As far as the VG20E itself - the firmware it has is same that they had at NAB 2011 in US - version 1.0 so you already red about the problems, such as manual does not correspond menu on the cam. Functions in the menu not existent . I consider this cam still as prototype. Watching shoots from BlackMagic, KineRAW and European makes I would not recommend VG20E at all. Maybe, until, if ever SONY will make it real product just not consider it. I hope that in production model they give us open formats (like BlackMagic and many others). We really do not need 50 or 60 frames/sec. Sensor is excellent, so what is the problem to to make 2K+ resolution available. Probably even 4K at 24/25/30 fps would be possible. Make WB control a bit finer. Who needs "face recognition" and other rubbish that Japanese tourist will buy.
I am "cheating" in post, to have 1080 vertical resolution I crop 1800x1080 (5:3) and make out of this 1280x768. I wish I had 2560x1440 (16:9) out of this cam. SONY says it is "blue ray read" ..... it is a joke, 4:3 would be than 1920x1440. The only features I like is very capable large sensor and exchangeable lens. Now when analogue TV is gone really who needs PAL or NTSC .... We are in digital age.


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