Yet another experiment with VG20E cam. The shoot is from free hand as this is the best way to detect the rolling shutter of the sensor. So far so good ..... Seriously, despite of the negative remarks, comments I have made and as well others this could have been the best cam of 2011. Some one said about importance "how camera is used" as you can see from this footage I agree ( I am not professional cam operator ) but with some patience remarkable results can be obtain.
This shot was at shutter speed of 1/100, ISO400, manual EV -0.7, auto white-balance, otherwise can not have manual EV. Minolta lens are very nice, I like it, kind of soft image. Now I have to try Nikon 26mm wide angle lens and some day 85mm F1.8. Cinelerra HV 4.3 was used to make it, final render was to RGBA resulting ~27GByte file size ( stream of ~56MBytes/sec same as original 4k decompress ) which was compressed to DiVX, stream 9MBytes/sec.


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