Private violin class performing in a senior's residence.

I have compressed the 1-hour performance into the best 210 seconds (three and a half minute). Sympathetic contrast between very young girls performing the music and very old people in the audience. Addressing people at ages above 70, colours are slightly tinted to remind of 1940's film material.

Song text (with translation):

Auf der Insel Schweinesand
wohnt ein König ohne Land
Seine Tochter heißt Kathrin,
jeden Tag rasiert sie ihn.

(On the island of Hogsand
dwells a king who has no land
Daughter he has, named Cathrine,
ev'ry day she shaves him.)

It is, of course, a completely unforeseeable coincidence that no other text than the one performed here could better describe the situation of those senior's resicence's dwellers...

Recording: 3 camcorders and one MD stereo audio recorder.
Multitrack Editing: Ubuntu, Kino, Cinelerra.
Frame-accurate synchronisation of all tracks (PAL 4:3, 25 fps).

Cinelerra's colour correction and motion tracking produced decently tinted pastel tones from the rather semi-professional camcorder footage (performers in front of a bright sunny window, audience in the darker back part of the room, jerky motion from hand filming). So despite the less-than-favorable technical input, the result looks surprisingly artistic and attractive.


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