Cinemagraphics Group (Motion Graphics on film)

A serie of short videos, highlighting safety problems that could occur with products that doesn't follow the EU manufacturing requirements.
The idea was to tell the whole story through children "pop up" books.

Director: Boris Wilmot
Client: European Commission
Production: Emakina

Head of Production: Laurence Buelens
Associate producer: Thomas de Brouwer
Direction of Photography: Christophe Rolin
Book / Pop up designers : Young Graphic Designers (J. Bertiaux , Y. Braibant, A.A. Juge)
Photographer: Colin Delfosse
Editor : Cédric Larcin
Colorist : Claire Beunckens
Music Composer & Sound designer : Jean-Pierre Everaerts

The Kids : Xing Yi Cheng, Lisa Wu, Yu Zhongwen


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