I've directed and shot this short portrait of Winona, 14 years old in the year 2025, an introduction to the new NeuralNet technology used by teenagers in the future series Children of the Machine. This piece introduces the concept of "jolting" in the modern era, creating feelings of euphoria, among other sensations.

Children of the Machine is a science-fiction series in the making.
Produced by Rapid Eye Studios (Marco Weber)
Released by BitTorrent

The average American spends about 11 hours a day on digital media; connected to the Internet (and each other) through devices and underground wires. It’s not hard to imagine that some day all this will be under our skin. RFID implants aren’t just the stuff of Sci-Fi anymore. They’re already out there being tested.
Microchip implants promise (scarily) to make everything knowable, trackable: forever found. They also promise new ways of getting lost. In the second video installment from Children of the Machine, we look at what happens when the Internet gets under our skin.
This is Winona, 14, from Malibu, CA. The year is 2025.


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