shorts . features . episodics . narrative . documentary . music video

shot with. t2i magic lantern, 5d3 magic lantern, red one, red epic, 35mm, 16mm film, fs700, c100, c300, c500
uses motion picture, design, photo, and sound through symbiosis to spread the story of sensation with a focus on surreal dreamscapes and experimentation for the progression of the creative mind. We believe in collaboration and openness using the senses to emote purity and wonder through personal experience. The group is a satellite collective of multi-versed creatives; we strive to attune human possibility, spreading compassion and awareness with an open-box method.

We collaborate on Pre Production, Production, and Post. Our main forte and function is capturing the moment in PRODUCTION for

Features, Shorts, Narratives, Documentary, Experimental / Avant Garde, Portraits, Timelapse, Nature, Digital Cinema Red, Canon, 35mm & 16mm Motion Picture Film, FRCTYL record label, Music Production, Score Composition, Ambience, Sound Design, Direction, Cinematography, Production, Awareness, Activism, Silent, Feeling, Emotion, Wonder, Mediation, Assistant Director Dept,Tricking, Kendama. 2013 Tricking Film Festival, Feature Documentary: Tricking: the Freedom of Movement.

Camera | Lighting Department - Cinematographer, Camera Ops, Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Grips, PAs
On Set Post - Data Wrangler, On Set Editor
Producers, 1st AD, 2nd AD
Post Sound - Original Score, Soundtrack, Beats

Isiah Flores
Chris Balualua
Deangelo Harding
Mike Maguire
Niko Kitaoka
Jack Vu
Marques Mallare
John Chiang
Isne Bobo Nuyent
Travis Trotter
Thaddeus Mcqueen
Luke Towne
Kyle Skelly

edit by. Isiah Flores and Marques Mallare
music by. read write speak type


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