In order to experiment, and learn how to use my 550D, I set myself a little project; to capture snippets of life within the village where I live. I began the project in August when the sun was out and Didsbury was 'In Bloom' and finished shooting at the end of September 2010.

Philip Bloom has been a massive inspiration for this project and I have learnt a hell of a lot from his blog and vimeo postings, so thanks Philip!
(It's really just a coincidence that 'bloom' is in the title of the video, but I guess it's actually kind of appropriate?!)
Also a big thanks to Augusto for all your help too!

Thanks, also, to the shops (Axons butchers and Evans Fish shop) and pubs that I filmed, some who knew about it and others that didn't!

People: Sarah, Adam, Amy, Tom, Peter, Nigel and the guys outside the Royal Oak - cheers!

Shot on: Canon 550D, 18-55mm, Manfrotto tripod, Glidetrack, Neewer Timer Remote
Edited: FCP
Colour Correction: FCP's Colour Corrector, 3-Way Colour Corrector, Widescreen (235:1) and Broadcast Safe effect
Conformed: Cinematools and Compressor
Graphics: After Effects
Music: 'Divenire' by Ludovico Einaudi

**If anyone has any work-arounds for the Aliasing/Moire patterns that'd be great, as all the red brick in Didsbury was a nightmare?! ...or is it just best to avoid shooting it altogether??**


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