A goddess born from the sea. A white egg that turns black. A serpent man, a spider woman, and a murder. Sanctum and Sacrum opens a portal between the ancient world of myth and symbol and the banal pastels of a Florida apartment. It is a matrix of transformation, in which the lives of two couples intersect via a web made out of ritual, symbol and the ever-present origin of myth.

Christina Jolie Breza
David Kandelaki
Kenyon Page
Jacques de Beaufort

"Jacques de Beaufort has created a 67 minute digital poem that continues from where Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Robert Graves left off. He cuts into the cool pastels of the Florida suburbs with the serrated edges of ancient myth and symbol. This film is the first from a multi-media genius, and it presages even greater things to come. He is a talent to watch carefully." --John David Ebert


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