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Message Box is an attempt to put the joy back into receiving voicemail.

Physical, tangible, real objects are, at present, more intimate than their digital counterparts – bits are yet to acquire the charm of the atom.

Message Box extends a versatile, fine-grained digital voicemail interface into the real world. Benefiting from everything that transition brings with it: affordance, ambience, and embodiment.

Incoming messages are instantiated as wooden marbles which can be used to playback their corresponding audio files.

Based on user input and google latitude data; Message Box diverts incoming calls, prompting the caller to leave a message if the recipient is busy, or connecting the call if the user is either available or not in the vicinity of the box.

Message Box is heavily inspired by Durrell Bishop’s Marble Answer Machine [1].

Soundtrack: Closer Musik - Maria [2] (Permission for use granted by Kontakt)

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