Cinema Poets

Poem written in moleskine journal and recorded on Garageband with mac loops. Cell phone photography via Nokia 6102i. Edited on imovie 08.

New York City streets
Kissing the senses
Singing through pavement
Every corner unfolding
A theatrical stage
People in motion
Life in the raw
Heart beating pulse
Center of the universe
Heated core
Human aggression cylinders
Steeped in creativity
Artistic fire
Blazing media banners
Ringing cell phones
Ipod stuffed ears
Distracted window shoppers
Vertically gazing heads
Architectural magnificence
Walk faster
Jump sidewalk lanes
Maniacal saxophone sounds
Camera shutters snapping
Mind racing
Sensory overload
Go Go Go!!!

When do we stop?
Where do we stop?
How do we stop?
Why should we stop?

Mother Earth keeps turning

James Berkowitz © 2007


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