Cinetics Users

Cecilia is a games developer, preparing a new game for public Beta. But where does the game end, and Reality begin?

Shot over a few hours on location in London

written and directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Starring Lucy Bruegger
Cinematography and art direction by Maria Bloom

Originally Part of the 3rd Person project anthology short:

Created by Al White, the project aims to collect films where the idea is to be creative, personal and innovative, and to present gaming in a way that isn't usually showcased in film.
Whether the lead is a gamer, a coder, or a character from a game itself, or whether the film is about your own personal relationship with gaming - which can be portrayed literally, metaphorically, or as surreally as you like. Be experimental, brave and honest.


4 days to shoot, edit and complete your film
Must be between 3-6 mins
Only 4 crew members max
£100 max budget
You cannot use a pre-existing property or franchise (Unless done in a way that pays respect to, but does not infringe copyright)


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