Contemporary Dance and Art Video Group

a performance
by with and for
kimmy ligtvoet and steven michel
which had its première the 19th of october 2011

sweat baby sweat explores further the symbiosis of storytelling and abstraction,
which started with the previous production 'a small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion'.

working together with video designer paul sixta and composer jaap van keulen,
sweat baby sweat becomes a work in which composed music and projected text
take an important role next to the moving composition.

departure point is the mostly used subject ever:
a relationship between a man and a woman.
sweat baby sweat shows two people who work very hard to make it work.

basic ideas like repulsion and attraction form the main core for the physical themes in the work.
despite the use of concrete sources like love song lyrics and mellow folk pop music,
a minimal work has been created wherein bodily force and still images are omnipresent.


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