City Overview - Partnership

I'm looking for partners all around the world to produce City Overviews!
The concept is simple: when I got few City overviews done, I show them to 2-3 different travel websites and if they like, they buy, if they buy, we share!
I will work the script with you and I take care of the voice over.
It's a good opportunity to create a video in a frame work that provide $$ reward!!

For those interested, I have other concepts:
-Top 5 Activities in your city (1min),
-Travel show: 1 week in ''your city''(5 min/day),
-The Underground activities and places (2 min) and
-if you have ideas, crazy ideas, just produce them and I will show them to my contacts, we never know, it might be the beginning of a new style or concept! ;-)

Join my group!


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