It`s a black comedy animation about independence, the difficulty of letting go and desire to posess.

Right after delivery a mother binds a navel-string of her new born babyboy back to herself. The boy grew at home quite happily, until he understood the fact that he is bound to his mother with a navel-string. He rebels and runs away, but things are not going quite like he expected...

Tero Koponen

Screenplay & Directed by
Anastasia Lobkovski

Filmed, edited & wax-figure characters by
Anastasia Lobkovski

Sound Design by
Antti Hirsiaho & Jukka Nurmela

Set Design by
Emilia Nieminen,
Juhana Hirvonen
Soila Pöntinen
Tiina Kuusitie
Anastasia Lobkovski

Original music by
Antti Hirsiaho

Duration: 7.50 min

Produced by
Anastasia Lobkovski 2002


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