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Germany’s streetwear brand DRMTM Clothing is celebrating its 5th anniversary with the theme “Five Senses”.

DRMTM's philosophy has always been not to only stimulate one sense with what they do but all five senses. Be it with the clothing line, party events, BBQs, mixtapes etc., DRMTM has always given a 360 degrees insight to introduce its lifestyle to the public. This is why the theme "Five Senses" was chosen by DRMTM.
To commemorate this occasion the brand produced an exclusive “Five Senses” pack including five products, each incorporating one of the five senses.
“Touch” is represented by the Five Senses tee that comes in white with burgundy “Five Senses” print.

The numbered silk screen print with the “Five Senses” logo stands for “Sight”.

For the sense “Taste” DRMTM got together with Düsseldorf based café Toykio to bake a handmade chocolate chip cookie.

"Hearing" is represented by a mixtape produced by one of Germany’s finest club DJs "Passion"

The sense "Smell" completes the "Five Senses" pack with DRMTM's own herbal tea.

The DRMTM “Five Senses” pack will be released in a limited run of 50 on October 29th and will be handed out to Family and Friends.


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