rock climbing

Some swedish climbers getting their "dose" of fontainebleau (whatever that means!?)
We filmed a bit and some of it ended up here in this movie. Hope its good beta at least!
The film contains 19 boulders of all kinds. In my opinion, most of the boulders in the movie are three star lines.
Anyway, next "fontdose" for me willl be in Mars, i cant wait.
Sadly some of the hilights of the trip, like mine and Eriks send of Karma, and my flash of Gecko, didnt get on camera, so i have to write it here insted...

Bouldrers in order:

Amok, 8A, Rocher de Bouligny
Gecko, 8A+, Rocher de Bouligny
Irréversible, 7C, Maunoury (flash)
L'angle Parfait, 7B, Dame Jouanne
Khéops, 8B, Cuvier Rempart
La super prestat, 7B+, Bas Cuvier
Tristesse, 7C, Culvier Rempart
L'Angle Incarné, 7B, Bas Culvier
Misanthropie, 8A, Buthiers
El Poussah rallongé, 7B, Isatis
La Directe du Surplomb de la Mée, 8A, Rocher du Potala
Miséricorde, 7C+, Cusiniere
Petite Folie, 7C+, Cusiniere
Osiris, 7B, Les Mammouths
Ubik, 8A+, Les Mammouths
Mégalithe, 7C+, Rocher Gréau
Supplément d'armes assis, 7C, Rocher Gréau
Patience Yago, 7A, Rocher Gréau
Vagues Patatras, 8A, Rocher Saint-Germain

Benjamin Linné Ryn
Erik Grandelius
Hanne Erika Riise
Andreas Klarström
Henrik Sennelöv
Albin Fermhede
Isak Fowelin


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