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Granted that I am a very intermediate film guy, this is my favorite way to express creativity and my passion for such a proud sub-culture, rock climbing. As I am one of the leading member of the Ryan Palo fan club (Sarcasm intended), he has alway givin' me something to chase around. Ryan's ambition, kindness and humor have made all these Oreganic projects exciting and interesting to work on. My goal is to share these emotions and adventures though these films, whether a choppy, climbing porn or a short story.

This short film highlights Ryan Palo as the first Bend resident to Redpoint the proud and world famous route, Just Do It. This route was recognized as the highest graded route in the United States for several year and still has a very savage & historical reputation. I learned a great deal of history about the route during my interview with Alan Watts. Someday I will release a more lengthy film with all of the interviews and footage I collect along the way, with my mission being the History of Smith Rock Climbing.

I realized I left out a credit. The Scott Franklin portrait photo is by Cathy Beloeil. Still unsure who shot the Didier Raboutou Snowbird shot. Palo shot the b/w Monkey Face photo.

Anyway, Happy Holidays. Keep rocking at life.

Peace- GG

j vimeo.com/56333259

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