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More infos on: petzl.com/en/outdoor/news/in-field/2013/03/07/video-wowo-caving-in-papua-new-guinea

Whether in France, in one’s home country, or on an expedition to a faraway land, the desire to explore remains the reason why cavers cave. Certain cavers have the privilege of discovering new terrain, to be the first to set foot in uncharted territory, to map and to name the formerly unknown. Here is a video of the Wowo expedition that took place in February 2012, in the Nakanai Mountains.

For cavers, the limestone mountain ranges of the Papua region rank among the most intriguing in the world, as exploration here takes on an entirely different meaning. The unique hydrological and geological forces in the area translate to exceptionally deep and large caves. The dry chambers are amazingly beautiful, and in the more active areas roaring underground rivers provided the explorers with an incredibly athletic and committing voyage.

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