2013/02 CreativeMornings: Money

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We're honored to have Lucas Ospina (lucasospina.blogspot.com/) join us for our very first CreativeMornings/Bogotá with the global theme "Money."

This first CreativeMornings/Bogotá event was generously hosted by Mai Lirol Darlin (facebook.com/mai.liroldarlin).

The event was sponsored by SocialColectivo (socialcolectivo.com/) and Young Marketing (youngmarketing.info/).

This video was filmed by Juan David Cortés (vimeo.com/lesmoustaches) and edited by Alejandra Acosta Viteri, co-organizer of CreativeMornings/Bogotá

You can find all the pictures from this event at flickr.com/photos/creativemorningsbog/sets/72157632807184232/

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! You can join us in numerous cities around the world. (creativemornings.com)
The Bogotá chapter of CreativeMornings is run by Nicolás Rosso Londoño (about.me/n2Sn) and his dedicated team of volunteers (creativemornings.com/people/#bogotá;).

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