Collaborative News B-ROLL

Directed, filmed and edited by Ramón J. Goni

Debate continues to rage in the US about the proposed building of an Islamic Centre near the Ground Zero site.

One New Yorker, Daryl Lang, has made his opinions known on his blog, where he has expressed support for the right for the building to go ahead.

But he has courted controversy by posting photographs showing the reality of life in the few blocks around Ground Zero.

He believes it calls into question the idea that the site is - in the words of Sarah Palin - "hallowed ground".

Daryl Lang gave BBC News a tour of the local area to explain why he believes the criticism of the planned Islamic Centre is misplaced.

Published on BBC NEWS (8/24/2010)
Producer/Reporter: Ramón J. Goni
Shot & Edited: Ramón J. Goni


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