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ESAD.cr - The School of Fine Arts and Design is a school of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria founded in 1990 in the ancient spa town of Caldas Rainha situated in the middle Atlantic coast of Portugal. The tradition of artistic ceramics in Caldas was a factor in the location of this School of public education: that is, par excellence, a city of arts, with a vast artistic and cultural heritage, especially in the fields of painting, sculpture and pottery.

Installed a campus situated among pine trees a short distance from the center of Caldas and a few kilometers from sandy beaches, the ESAD.cr has several buildings, including the original complex which won the prestigious SECIL architecture. The school also has a broad technical capabilities, in addition to several rooms, studio, includes traditional and multimedia workshops, auditoriums and lecture halls, canteen and other public spaces led to the academic community.

Currently the school has, fully functioning curriculum, higher education in the arts: Fine Arts, Interior and Spacial Design, Industrial Design, Design - Ceramics and Glass, Design - Graphic and Multimedia, Theatre, Sound and Image. Since the year 2008 some of these courses are taught in post-employment regime. The patents in output quality of these courses are already recognized, or the quality of proposals submitted under internships, both in participation of students and teachers in national and international competitions, in which often distinguish themselves with recognized success.

Over the past few years ESAD.cr has developed numerous educational activities incorporated into the curriculum of their courses, provide a reference in the panorama of national higher education system and gradually gaining a place alongside the best European institutions.

Fine Arts
Interior and Spacial Design
Industrial Design
Design - Ceramics and Glass
Design - Graphic and Multimedia
Sound and Image




Afonso Oliveira
Carlos Gonçalves
Cristóvão Fialho
Frederico Malaca
Jorge Machado

Thanks to the teachers of the Post Production Video
Miguel Gonçalves Mendes and Pedro Sousa.

j vimeo.com/25874288

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