Conservation Filmmakers

What began in 1912 as a gracious effort to save the Jackson Hole elk herd from harsh winters, shrinking habitat, and dwindling forage, has morphed into a century-long feeding program on what is now the National Elk Refuge and 22 other State-run feed grounds. This biological experiment has created a petri dish for wildlife disease and is now one of the most contentious, fiercely debated issues in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

These fed elk have extremely high infection rates of diseases such as scabies, hoof rot, and brucellosis resulting from the unnatural congregation of the animals on the winter feed grounds. However, after a moose infected with the highly contagious and fatal Chronic Wasting Disease was found just miles from a feed grounds, there is a deadly new threat looming over the elk herds.

Feeding the Problem explores the ecological impacts of the Wyoming feed grounds with the hope of initiating positive change and active dialogue through stunning imagery and a powerful narrative.


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