Contemporary dance

anderland explores our longing for a tangible reality, the attempt to leave behind some trace of ourselves, the pursuit of happiness, the desire for personal history and roots - all this against the backdrop of an acute awareness of the impermanence of life. It questions our perception of and relationship with time, recalls the burden of stained memories, having forgotten how to forget, constantly clinging to the past.

Pausing in the moment and yet floating in time. Seven performers glide through delicately sculpted scenes as if chasing shadows – near and far – familiar and yet foreign. anderland drifts through a beautiful and wistful echo of a moment and shimmers as a fictive place, an intimate frontier, melancholy beauty, eerie occurrence and tender elegy.

press comment on every single day (previous production)
"As almost always with Toula Limnaios, every single day is a piece with immense reverberations. This time however, it is neither irritating, disturbing nor enigmatic-baffling like some of her earlier productions. She also wanders less in surreal dream worlds or magical and hypnotic landscapes of the soul. This piece is an almost bitter case of realism – a new step in her development as choreographer, a production that reaffirms her exceptional position in the dance landscape. The more so as she now possesses full command of her choreographic craft with playful ease – it is a pleasure to see how she arranges her ideas and her young dancers, her new company, in constantly new images and scenes that simultaneously play with the stylistic device of repetition." Frank Schmid, rbb-Kulturradio, 30.7.11

concept/ choreography: Toula Limnaios
music: Ralf R.Ollertz
dance/creation: María de Dueñas López, Lisa Oettinghaus, Amit Preisman, Karolina Wyrwal, Giacomo Corvaia, Yannis Karalis, Kamil Warchulski
light design: Jan Langebartels
stage/costumes: Antonia Limnaios/Toula Limnaios
Public Relations: Silke Wiethe
A cie. toula limnaios production, coproduced by the HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN.
With kind support by Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin.

© 2012 cie. toula limnaios

Video © Walter Bickmann, Berlin 2014 |


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