Retro FLOOD TV - FLDTV0017
The 17th FLOOD realtime VJ video. Recorded in 2011


Virus Syndicate -

Bare -

Music: Virus Syndicate, Bare
Visual Styling & VJ’ing: FLOOD
Original Footage: Burning Man.
I didn't shoot the source footage. If you did (or know who did) please let me know so I can add proper credits.

VJ Video Retrospective - FLDTV0017 - Recorded 2011
Don’t try this at home kids! (A great example of why you should quality control yourself).

When I make footage there is typically enough for 2-3 decks (100->120 clips). What I used to do was make an ‘A’ deck, ‘B’ deck etc based to quality (as I needed as much footage as possible to cover my gigs back then...hey better than repeating).
However when I started making videos it became a temptation to use the ‘B’ footage so I could churn out a few more vids and get the most out of the footage I cut.
This is what I did here.

Don’t do it!
Videos and performance represent you. If you don’t like it ENOUGH...just don’t use it.

I don’t like this video enough. I should not have made it or released it.

Oh and learn (eventually).


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