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'DIA NATASHA' is a special song written and composed by kidd for his first single and also a special gift for a very special woman in his life. His mission is to produce a music video that will be presented in Natasha's surprise birthday celebration to be held in Plan B Publika KL. With the help of Natasha's best friend, Nadiah and Raflis, the project was successfully done with the entire production Devign Studios involved in the success of the music video filming. Various challenges throughout the filming process as a result had to change the location filming due to bad weather and to avoid from Natasha aware this matter, ultimately the project was made.Special thanks to Nadiah and Pit from Wonderpitt Studios who struggled to help the process of recording and arrangement, to the musicians involved, friends and family who made this project possible.Thank you and enjoy the video.

"Well, for me, what I've Learned at the very end of this, love is sharing, and I think that's really is, for me, the best place to go to experience love, is sharing" - Jason Mraz

Song: Dia Natasha
Artist: Kidd & Friends
Song & lyric by Kidd
Song Arrangement by Pitt
Recording & Mastering :
Wonderpit Studio / Devign Studios
Year : 2013


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