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"The Voyage of the S.S. Stardust" is a Music video for All The Apparatus song "The great Whale". It tells the story of a space galleon and her adventurous crew, who are searching for the fabled North Star. But when they stumble across a supernova, they change course to pursue their new found treasure. It won't be an easy journey, though, filled with danger, adventure, and musical whimsy! The crew of the S.S. Stardust will find their true calling in the depths of space.

Tthis was a collbarative project between Trifecta FIlms PDX, All The Apparatus, and Portland's Da Vinci Arts Middle School. The projected united these three groups to develop a singular music video celebrating the arts, music, growing artist and adventure. Bringing talent from all sides, the music video was designed as a fundraiser to help support the Arts at Da Vinci Middle school

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Produced by Trifecta Films PDX
Music by All The Apparatus
Directed by Rowan Spiers-Floyd
Filming by Adam Halverson
Lighting by Zach Smith
Edited by Robert Bury
Visual Effect by John Lee


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