Cool Still Photography

Giovanni Pasinato
Exhibition 'Intraluoghi'
Galleria Browning, Asolo
14.04.2013 – 25.04.2013

«The Galleria Browning is pleased to host the photographic exhibition ‘Intraluoghi’ which displays a selection of works by Giovanni Pasinato from the series ‘Tensions’. A project that can be defined as ‘a job within a job.’ Thousands of photographs were collected during several working trips as a sales manager through a large part of the Po Valley. Over two years of rapid and instinctive searching during which the author nevertheless relies with humility on the analogical medium that forces him to slow down and take in the surroundings more calmly.
Photography that is used almost as a medicine to loosen the grip of time, to stand and get a better vantage point. To stay in the landscape. An ‘intermediate’ landscape such as the one that we often cross on the run, with a foot on the accelerator, from one commitment to another. In these lands, this ‘Intraluoghi,’ the photographer maintains the inquiry, that co-exists with all the misunderstandings and difficulties inherent in seeing through a car window.

These ‘tensions’ are reflected in images carved from time and read as breaks. Implacable pauses, where the black and white images give no respite to eyes that are fixed on the subjects through lines and shapes that are never random. Appearances, as the author defines them, that competes with but does not escape from reality, and allows a freedom from distraction. Distinct images, attentive, fearless and yet quiet. The author does not express his desire to judge, but to express himself through what he sees. He documents his reality, and in so doing he can not help but reveal its beauty. Created with the same courage of those who suddenly interrupt their work to question what they have been doing.»
- Steve Bisson (curator)

«‘The Tensions’ is a project about the Italian landscape developed along 200,000 km of State roads and highways and through places of everyday life. Essential views summarize a work made of breaks, reflections, restartings and sometimes enthusiastic impulses as a result of frantic raids along the roads that make up the network of an ideal trade map. An ambiguous state of reflection accompanies this research which is presented as a selection of those “middle lands” that we often traverse when traveling to the places where our interests and our activities are focused.
Those who live in the metropolitan and suburban environments can develop a dialogue with what they see or get lost in it, as if they were almost reaching it without grasping it at all. Looking can help to find the center of one’s self, yet it depends on the persons capability of engaging with the environment as a unique relationship, and to attempt to decode through the elements - “appearances” or “simulacrum”- sometimes understandable but more often enigmatic, which define the different levels of relationship with the visible.»
- Giovanni Pasinato

Video work by Elisabetta Tasca


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