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After Vimeo deleted 53 of my videos over copyright violations I HAD TO EXPLAIN THE APPARENT WRATH OF GOD for doing that.

I made this class 167 after 36 people were shot in New York over the Labor Day weekend in the 9-5-11 news, (see thumbnail^), it was a warning to Vimeo to not delete messages from heaven over copyright violations. Class #161 sums it up much better at 39 to 55 minutes but it's still good to have the original long version especially because I'm back up to 71 videos at Vimeo and it's all because of this 167.

On 9-5-11 I watched my class #216 here at Vimeo because it would help explain the news that day of 36 people shot in New York. Later that day I found out that Vimeo, (also in New York), had deleted all my videos which caused me to send them an email about how they could be responsible for those 36 people shot in New York as an advanced payment wrath of God. The 9 videos that they deleted were the most blatant messages from heaven I had accomplished so far. It implies those shootings in New York were due to deleting my videos here AND at other hosting sites that I show at the welcome page of where there are links to 9 video hosting sites and where I PREDICTED THE WRATH OF GOD (see thumbnail^) due to the unfair, illegal and evil atheists that had just deleted 44 of my videos at both Veoh and Vimeo on 5-31-11.

They can’t beat my arguments so they try to delete my videos at these hosting sites or at my websites. It’s like Anne Baxter said to Memnet before she killed her in the movie THE TEN COMMANDMENTS “Take care old frog (Mike). You croak too much (against Moses)”. Which is also a wrath of God warning to the FBI persecuting me: “Take care you evil women. You croak too much against Mike Overson”.
That scene is a good picture of God's anger and it goes with a label that reads: “Vimeo pushed God too far” in class161 at 43 minutes.
I made this 167 to read the email that I sent to Vimeo and to prove how much atheists caused the wrath of God to hit New York. Then I show a picture of Obama in that 9-5-11 news as a sign that I should read the email I sent to the Republican National Committee. It was to explain that I believe they were opposing something that God is in favor of, (ObamaCare). When they had the nerve to go against these blatant divine signs in favor of Obamacare I chewed out Republicans in classes L97 @ 23 min and in L99 @ 8 min.
I have a label that says: “the Mark of the beast is men submitting to women” (or THE FBI) at 3 min in class L112 I mentioned that because after picking a woman for vice president in 2008 and how much they denied the divine signs in these classes it seems like Republicans are more pussy whipped than Democrats are.

This 167 has more of the Happy Days offer in class 185 that was deleted but I re-uploaded it to Vimeo after this 167 WITH A WARNING to not delete 185 again.

I posted this at the Vimeo group New York because the day after I uploaded this (10-26-11) the FBI got HelpfulVideo to delete over 20 of my videos, (because I dared to re-upload this video to Vimeo after they deleted it). Now we'll see if Vimeo will obey the FBI's request to delete my account again. After Vimeo deleted 53 of my videos I explained the apparent wrath of God for deleting messages from heaven over copyright violations that followed when 36 people were shot in New York in the 9-5-11 news in class #161 at 39 to 55 min @

I had to give THE SAME WARNING after I reposted class 206

On 5-30-11 I uploaded 206 to Vimeo as my 44th video and on 5-31 they deleted all 44 videos, (@ 1:12 hrs in L123 I read the description to class 185, (@ 1:15 in L123), as a warning to both THE FBI and Vimeo to not delete 185 again and that’s what I’m saying after re-posting 206 on 10-13-14.

The lyrics to the song THIS IS IT explains why I did that.

You say that maybe it's over
Not if you don't want it to be
For once in your life
Here's your miracle
Stand up and fight

Make no mistake where you are
You back's to the corner
Don't be a fool anymore

No one can tell you what you know
Who makes the choice of how it goes
It's not up to me this time
Comes a day in every life

THIS IS IT is #13 & 14 at playlist 12, (PL12), at It also has playlists about why my classes are ending at PL2, 3, 5, 9 & 11 or read L112

The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER in L124 @


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