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UPDATE on 9-13-15.
The video TOUCH MY BODY is like TOUCHING 1000 GIRLS BOOBS IN PUBLIC (in Russia) that follows it at I synced it to “I wish they all could be California girls” because everybody seems easier than they are, (READ why at L94, 17, 168 and LA at 169 I realized those 2 videos were a sign that Euro porn, (that can be so mean to me), does NOT represent all Euro women, (thanks for the 2nd base ladies), but the main message was the Euro porn in this class L97 does NOT represent all of Europe which got me to write this apology the same hour.

So please be tolerant of my anger in this L97.

Rated R. On 6-23-12 I was furious at for mocking the 1 (that’s me) in Euro porn. On 6-24 I was despairing as I prayed how to pay them back for this, (see The Power of Prayer @ On 6-25 this L97 was done, it's like the #853 which means I CAN'T BELIEVE WE DID THAT, because I was facing another undefeated bully who got an Extra Rude Awakening (ERA) at the power of God. Another proof (of God’s help) is a brief history of Equal Rights and American Presidents from Washington to Obama including our 2012 Presidential election, (it's the #853 AS THE USA WORKING FOR GOD). I also mention, (@14 to 19 min), that "God broke the bank spending every miracle he could to help this country (USA) get started" and I prove that in the first 37 minutes of class L109 and BOTH include THE NEXT ENERGY CRISIS & a cure.

After watching this six times (by 6-26) I noticed the three movies that take place in England, (that's MARY POPPINS, My Fair Lady & NARNIA), was a sign of God talking to Europe as John Smith where She says to him “Don’t be frightened young man, my bark is worse than my bite”, (@ 8 min).
This was such “good news” that I put it at what I wrote about California, the USA and Japan at pages 22 to 45 in my Bible notes at, here it is:

Before you read what I wrote about Japan I need to show you what came out of an angry video I made to Europe in class L97. God did one of Her best magic tricks, (because I know how much She’s cheered me up with these), right after I’ve blown it by being an evil jerk She shocks me with an “I love you”, (like @ 113 minutes in class 47 @ It shows how God can turn bad news into good news with mercy. The best proof that it is true is how much it rescues me from depression. Like I just got a “rw” at 618am on 6-27-12 as a big confirmation of “I hope you will have respect for My Way of doing things and this good news”, when I was adding this paragraph to my blog at Multiply. But when I tried to ad this paragraph to L97 at Sevenload it was gone with about 20 of my videos and
this is what I wrote to them:

I got a divine sign that I was "on time" in toning down my angry message to Europe by updating this description twice with signs of God’s mercy. But if I was on time at showing mercy then Sevenload shot back at me too soon by deleting my videos, (notice how I’m ignoring your copyright excuse to get to the main point). In other words I got the message that you weren’t pleased with L97 but I would like my videos back.

Then they deleted all of our English-speaking videos.

From class L116
It’s very ironic that the last time I had to update a description to a class because of the big revelations I got after making it was to class L97. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have a California kid chew out the east coast it’s even more amazing that I could get away with doing that to Europe, but it’s been 2 years and it’s starting to look like L97 was valid criticism. I’ve been waiting to do a class about the obvious long time affection that God has had with Europe for helping to get the Christian religion started in The New Testament. (You did WHAT in WHAT BOOK?! I guess you’ve been around a while Europe.) THIS IS CONTINUED AT THE COMMENTS BELOW.

In class #216 @ 34 min I explain a miracle as my birthday present to make class #196 so quick and easy in just one day and that it was confirmed because making the next 19 classes (197 to 216) were all the usual long hard slow way. That was until I got another TCB miracle to make #167 in one day which is another confirmation of how much it’s a message from heaven. I mention this because it happened again with classes L1d and L97, both show Europe as “Y925”. Yellow and white 925 means you believe that evil triumphs over good AND that you will get an ERA at the power of God to correct your faulty logic. ERA is also God to women, (through this prophet), in the songs Bye Bye Miss American (Women) Pie, (see L113 @ 1 min @


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