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Splendid SIM was born in second life.
The name is "R2 City" This place is comprised of three areas (R2 City, R2 Core, R2 Resort) that made much of a scene an offer of the space where anyone makes a hero as for the concept of this place. "R2 City" is a business area and the race track that I can measure. "R2 Core" is the place around the port town called "the blueberry harbor", and Nobuhiko can play a boat and a yacht by a popular name elegantly here.
"R2 Resort" features the shore called "the strawberry road" by a popular name.
Furthermore, there are a resort apartment building and the tennis court of the membership system, the peel in this place and can enjoy a celebrity-like feeling to the full.
I produced this video as promotion video of this splendid "R2 City". I whom the black kite that the story sneaked into this town caught the assassination order of the woman spy of the beautiful woman am the love story of her man that it is deplorable to fall I am attractive, and to love you.
It is the story that I who received an assassination order am in love with a beautiful woman spy.
I appear with the duty of a disgusting assassin on this video.
Furthermore, it is my co-star, and I think that it is "Ouka Ugajin" to play a beautiful woman spy, and she does it in the model that is famous for second life and drew her charm on this video to the maximum, and I want to send maximum praise to her cooperation.

Please enjoy a beautiful scene and fashionable direction.(◡‿◡*)❤

A place of R2 City is here. Everybody comes!


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