Cute Things

Opening titles for the Portuguese public television series ODISSEIA. Some iconic scenes from the episodes are recreated in stop motion with miniatures, using the actual production office as a background for the action. Each episode opening titles differs from one another in some fashion, each one featuring and adding a new detail to the whole ensemble.
The authors of the series saw the short stop motion animation film Les Paysages ( and found it very in sync with the project they had in hands therefore commissioning these animated sequences.
You can follow the series here

The making of will soon be available!

Director: Jerónimo Rocha
DoP: Tiago Xavier/ João Lança Morais
Ass. Director: Joana Soares
Music: António Variações
Animators: Jerónimo Rocha/ Joana Soares/ Tiago Xavier
Making of: Joana Soares
Making of Editor: Sara Marques
Producer: Frederico Serra

a TAKE IT EASY production


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